Best Compilation Project

This applies to tracks which may be previously released or unreleased, from several separate recordings by either one or several musicians.
This could also relate to collaborative work by merging acts to embark on a united project, whereby their work is merged after selecting various tracks to form a united compilation. This category does not necessarily relate to any genre of music, however, selection will also be scrutinized according to the theme or the message it's supposedly portraying to the listener.

Best Urban Contemporary Artist

The term Urban Contemporary, Urban Pop or simply Urban relates to any urban experimental music in R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop or radio music format. This simply relates to music that's historically of black genres.
This artist will be one that produces music with more contemporary elements such as Afro Beat, R&B, Afro-Fusion, Urban Alternative, Rap and any related genre and/or sub-genre

Best Hip-Hop Act

This category is simply an act who is identified for performing music that's popularly known as Hip- Hop, the style of music that's defined by MCing/rapping, Djing, scratching, break dancing and graffiti

Best Famo Project

This category relates to any Famo project or type of music that is associated with the accordion, a drum and occasionally a bass. This type of music is believed to have originated in the drinking dens of migrant workers from Lesotho trying to relax after working in the mines in the 1920s but is now a popular form of music for Sesotho speakers. Musicians from all across the country and beyond will be expected to submit their music for nomination of this popular genre in the mountain kingdom

Best Afro-Pop Project

This category allows submissions from artistes that have their style of music encompassing the rich variety of contemporary African music styles - typically urban, electric dance, afro-dance, neo- jazz music because after all; Afro- Pop is a blanket description of the many diverse styles of music.

Best Dj

This category is chosen by the public. A Best Dj category is looking for a dj that connects with their audience and mixes its music to everyon's liking. This category does not require submission. A survey shall be conducted to listeners and social media followers, where they'll be asked to comment with their favourite Dj. Nominees shall then be shortlisted according to their number of votes and top 10 most voted for shall be given codes for campaigning.

Best Gospel Project

This category allows for any form of a song performed by an artist or group that acknowledges the supernatural powers of God in any form of religion or praise, can and will be treated as Gospel Music.

Best Newcomer

This refers to a newcomer that has delivered an outstanding performance musically. It is scrutinized through submitted demos to the radio station, social media hype and listeners' response to new talent.

Best Music Video

This category recognizes excellence in videos produced for a business-related purpose that were first released or made public. This could also be any contemporary video that best describes the song. The storyline has to be very viewer-friendly and the creative work has to set the expected standard to be broadcast on all commercial visual

Best Digital Hustler

This simply refers to an artist or a group whose social media presence is huge and influential. This could be seen because of number of followers, likes, retweets or shares. This is also a special award which will be scrutinized by social media experts within the committee and come up with top 10 most influential musicians. These top 10 will then be given codes to start canvassing for votes

Song of The Year

This is simply a song that is popular, with intention of achieving mass distribution and sales principality in the form of recordings. SOTY category recognizes and celebrates that one song that has been voted for by the masses via SMS platform and other digital mediums. A song of the year is any contemporary song that has been getting airplay and loved mostly by the listeners. Since this is the ultimate prize, a song of the year category is likely to get the main sponsorship of the awards. Prize for the Song of the Year can/will be decided by the main sponsor.

Lifetime Achiever

This award relates to the notable successes that a singer or a group achieve during their lifetime. These are individuals who have been influential in the music industry for a long time, leaving behind an iconic mark. This also means that any individual who has positively influenced lives of many, especially in the music business and mentored musicians in any way. This award is scrutinized by notable institutions, in association with mass voting and relevant institutions within the industry.

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