1. When is the submission deadline?
The submission deadline for SKYMA 2022 midnight on Thursday, December 1st, 2022
It is highly recommended that applications be submitted well before the deadline to ensure there are no unforeseen issues at the time of submission. Late applications due to technical issues within 24 hours of the deadline will not be considered acceptable grounds for late submission and may lead to your application not being considered further for funding.

2. Who canapply for the awards?
Submissions can be made by the Artist/Industry professional themselves or they can be submitted on the Artist's/Industry professional's behalf.

3. Do I have to complete my entire submission at one time?
● No. You have the ability to sign in and out of your submission at any time to be able to complete it over the course of time.
● Once you confirm and complete your submission, you will no longer be able to sign into that specific submission.
● Make sure to have all information correct before confirming your submission.

4. How do I know that my submission has been properly submitted?

Submitting is a three-part process:
1. Complete and upload music, info and pictures for your online submission.
2. For hard copies, submit your music to Sky Alpha HD premises, No. 93 Kharetsana Street, Mohalalitoe, Maseru or Cuban Linx, Kingsway Road, Maseru/Hlotse. All between 9am and 12 noon weekdays.
3. For online submissions, email submissions to, you will receive an email indicating that you have completed. Keep that for reference if you have any questions
5. Do I have to be a member of my Lesotho Music Industry Association to submit to the awards?
●  No. It is recommended that but not required.

6. Do I have to pay anything to register for the SKYMA 2022?
●  No, not at this time. All submissions are FREE

7.  Are people who are not residents of Lesotho eligible for any of the categories?
●  No. Only Lesotho nationals are eligible for entry OR
●  For groups, if it happens that one of the group member is a non-citizen, the submission will only be acceptable if the registrant is a Lesotho citizen, and a member of the said group

8. Can submissions be made to more than one category?
● Yes.

9. If a Release/EP/Multi Media Item hasn't been previously nominated, can it be nominated again the following year?
Yes, because the eligibility period is longer than one year, a project may be eligible for two consecutive years.
● A project must still meet all release requirements.
● Please note that, in a case of an album, no album will be selected as a final nominee in the same category two years in a row.
● an album cannot be submitted in one genre category one year and in a different category the next unless seen fit by the Selection Panel

10. What is the definition of a project and a full-length Album?
● To be considered for an award nomination, a minimum of 3 newly recorded songs must have been released in the
eligibility time-frame.
● Full-length (Recording of the Year only) means that the album is either a minimum of 30 minutes or contains at least six songs.
● At least 50% of the tracks must be previously unreleased songs. An unreleased song is defined as material not previously released to radio, retail or other public consumption. Re-recorded live or compilation releases must meet the same requirements.

11. Will EPs be eligible for nomination?
Yes, as long as the EP is at least three songs.

12. Can a submitted Album/EP include cover songs?
● An Album and/or EP will be eligible for all categories if at THE 1ST ANNUAL SKY MUSIC AWARDS
least 50% of the tracks on the recording are previously unreleased songs. Re-recorded live or compilation releases must meet the same requirements.
● A song is defined as material previously released to radio or retail.

13. Are Seasonal/Christmas Albums/EPs eligible?
Yes, as long as they still fit into a particular genre and meet all of the necessary residency and release requirements.

14. If there is a project that has more than one producer or engineer how should it be entered?
● A co-production or co-engineering team may enter as a team or as two separate entries.
● If making one entry, the team will be recognized.
● If making separate entries the other co-producers or co-
engineers must be listed and credited where applicable.

15. Is there a minimum number of submissions needed in order for a category to proceed?
● Yes. There must be a minimum of four submissions for a category to proceed in any year.
● If there aren't enough submissions the category is skipped for the year and nominees can resubmit their album for the following year.

16. How are the Selection Panelists selected?
● The Selection Panelists will be chosen for their impartiality and demonstrated knowledge and expertise in their fields to collectively capture a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.
● SKYMA board and staff members are not allowed to sit as jurors or to influence the Selection Panelists' decisions of the juries

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