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Introducing SKY MUSIC AWARDS (SKYMA). The debuting of a benevolent gesture to recognize, appreciate, acknowledge and award outstanding musicians in a form of an accolade, so as to help solicit platforms that will amplify their efforts in striving for significant avenues in creating awareness and turning their art forms into businesses.

This event aspires to be annual, with the campaign running for 6 months to allow registration and campaigning of different recording artists in their respective categories. The 1st annual Sky Music Awards shall be a pilot campaign, with registration opening on September 1st 2022 to December 1st 2022. The actual ceremony is proposed to be hosted on Saturday 25th March, 2023.

Sky Music Awards (SKYMA) will be an independent campaign run by a committee established from prominent individuals within the music and arts industry both locally and globally, in consultation with reputable and music and arts agencies.



The music industry in Lesotho is met with visible challenges, especially on areas of business as the industry is in dire need of entrepreneurial moulding and refurbishing. Countless efforts have been in place to help put the fraternity at a deserving level, however, these efforts also need support from the corporate and public sector.

Lack of financial muscle to propel these notable talents is one major obstacle for these acts to be recognized substantially, whereas the state of talents is clearly competitive, even at a global scale. To ensure all parties play their role to create productive avenues for these acts, high profile and significant musical events and other related activities are greatly necessary. SKYMA aspires to be one of the pioneers of that, with a motive to go extra mile in achieving
MA SKY MUSIC AWARDS best results to ensure that the industry's growth in visible, with fruitful results for struggling artists.


Registration process will be open from 1st September 2022 and shut down on 1st December 2022. Submissions shall be both physical. Physical submissions shall be delivered to Sky Alpha HD residence, 93 Kharetsana Street, Mohalalitoe, Maseru, or Cuban Linx Clubs both in Maseru and Hlotse. Online submissions shall be sent to
During the closing of the submission process, SKYMA Selection Committee will be tasked to select qualifying musician and present them to an sms company to provide codes for each nominee, thereafter launch those sms codes for campaigning. SKYMA shall also consider WhatsApp, and social media votes. Both South African and Lesotho citizens shall be eligible to vote.
SKYMA Selection Committee is an independent body which comprises of industry experts in the music and arts fraternity. During registration process, each artist will be expected to provide a clean edit, of not more than 4 minutes, with a clear tracklist and a short artist biography and contact details.


The SKYMA Selection Committee shall be built, comprising of learned, experienced and reputable individuals within the music and arts fraternity. This lot shall be responsible for scrutinizing talent and selecting the most qualifying nominees to best shape the campaign stature. The committee shall also recommend and initiate other measures of developing existing skills and talents to best match the desired standard. This is where workshops will be initiated and held, if necessary, with industry leaders to help shape it to best suit SKYMA standards and expectations. Once registration is complete, reviewing sessions shall be held, by the said committee, whose primary task shall be to determine whether the work is eligible and entered in the correct category for official nomination.

  • All the submissions will be scrutinized by panel of judges who are expects in this field. 
  • The process will also be amplified by radio segments where listeners will be asked to vote, live on air for their favorite artists.
  • The list will then be submitted to our telecommunications service provider for sms codes, as well as social media for sms votes.
  • The list will then be submitted to our telecommunications service provider for sms codes, as well as social media for sms votes.
  • Then there shall be an official sms and social media campaign launch, where each nominee will be asked to canvas for votes until the closing of votes, which is intended to be at least 5 hours before THE SONG OF THE YEAR is announced..

Campaigning Process

All nominees will be allowed to campaign on all platforms for votes. Terms and Conditions governing the campaign will be communicated on all media platforms so as to run a transparent campaign. All nominees shall be granted artistic rights to spread the word about their campaign without damaging other brands or individuals. In other instances, as stipulated by the SKYMA governing body, there shall be a disclaimer pronounced by SKYMA pertaining individuals' campaigns and methods applied, where a line shall be drawn on those methods where SKYMA shall be liable or not. However, these methods shall be acceptable and non-controversial to SKYMA rules and regulations...

Sms, Whatsapp and Social Media votes shall apply in the following categories:
(a) BestCompilationProject
(b) BestUrbanContemporaryArtist
(c) BestHip-HopAct
(d) BestTraditionalProject
(e) BestDj
(f) Best Afro-Pop Project
(g) BestGospelProject
(h) BestNewcomer
(i) Best Music Video
(j) Best Digital Hustler
(k) SongofTheYear

Since Lifetime Achiever is a special award, the Selection Committee, under advisement from the general public through social media interaction and radio votes shall in the end deliberate the most deserving recipient, based on SKYMA objective, theme and other reasons known to the committee. This simply means the decision purely lies on the committee to nominate an annual recipient for the lifetime award. SKYMA shall release a press briefing to outline voting rules and regulations at least 3 weeks before voting lines open. This shall also apply to social media voting. An independent audit shall then be engaged to ensure the voting was done transparently and fairly, then allocate envelopes outlining winners that will be announced during the main event.


The main event

The main event is proposed to be hosted on Saturday 25th March, 2023. Proposed venue is Manthabiseng Convention Centre. The event shall be in a form of a red carpet for nominees, white carpet for VIP's and black carpet for general attendants. There shall me the main foyer for photo-shoot sessions as well as radio and tv interviews.
There shall be a live broadcast on national tv, social media and YouTube, powered by media coverage. Nominees, Performing Artists and everybody else will then be ushered from the foyer to the main auditorium. The official ceremony will then begin at 8pm,anditisexpectedtoendat10pm. The2-hour production will consist of a recorded voiceover, awards presenters, short speeches, performances and short award acceptance speeches. At 10pm, there shall be a 1-hour celebration and networking. The event shall end at 11pm

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